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Lori K's Story

For the past five years I have been plagued with many health problems. Five years ago I started with sore muscles in my arms that felt like flu-like symptoms. Bloodwork done with negative results..

Next was diarrhea for about six months but only "selective" diarrhea (in the morning only). I lost about 12 lbs at that time. Next problem was hypertension and was treated with meds.

That is when my real problems began: Venous insufficiency, gas and bloating, puffiness around the eyes and face, weight gain, skin tags, water retention, bladder infections, bacterial infections, poor memory, lack of concentration, depression, inflammation in the back, weakness in thighs and arms.

Finally, my GP listened to me because the health nurse said I looked like I was on steroids. I am currently waiting to see an endo and my poor daughter has to put up with these terrible outbursts of anger and tears and depression. My cortisol urine and blood came back abnormal. Can someone please tell me how long the rest will take to have done? I am in the Moncton, New Brunswick. Is there anyone close to that area from me?

I really need someone to talk to. Please e-mail me at

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