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Liz L's Story...

Hi my name is Liz L.

I went to go see a dermatologist in January of last year because I was tired of the facial hair she suspected I had Cushing's and did a blood test and then referred me to an endocrinologist and he did a series of blood tests and urine tests and then I had a MRI and cat scan.

Then in April I was diagnosed with Cushing's and then saw a neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco and he talked to me in June and had another MRI done. I had surgery in August to remove the tumor on my pituitary gland at UC San Francisco. I was given hydrocortisone and then weaned off by January.

I have seen my endocrinologist and had an MRI done and of right now I am cured I think the disease gave me arthritis because my legs hurt and my hands hurt I am taking Centrum silver and calcium along with Aleve and that helps.

Update September 10, 2007

Hi my name is liz linzmeier.

I was diagnosed with cushing syndrome in may of 2002. My symptoms where weight gain, moon shape face and facial hair.

My tumor was in my pituitary gland. They performed surgery on august 13 of 2002 at uc san francisco. I was given hydrocortisone from surgery and weaned off by january of 2003.

I saw my encronologist for follow up for five years. I am now cured and i am fine.

I am here as a friend and will try to understand

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