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Liz's Story

I am a 39.6 year old married mother of 2. I have had extreme fatigue following a tough major depression in the fall of 2006.

I am on Cymbalta and have done pretty well with my depression for the last 6 mths. However had issues with acid reflux and what I assumed to be IBS then other things were discovered. Including an adrenal tumor (the size of a quarter).

Some of my blood work came back abnormal including a <5 ACTH, total catecholamines <10 and aldosterone of 50 ng/dl. After meeting with an endo I was told this was found my accident and that I may have sub clinical cushings bu not likely. The lab results were discounted as well.

My main issue to date is fatigue, increased central obesity (although I have been 50#'s over weight since 2000 recent belly fat even though my weight is staying the same) elevated blood pressure (probably considered pre hypertension) fat face and fatty neck. I also have been retaining so much water lately, bloated where I can't button pants I wore days earlier and swollen ankels (I do work retail and am on my feet 8 hours a day). Also, since January have irregular periods and now my annual gyn exam shows an elarged uterous. I am thinking I am to young for menopause.

So, here I am....I feel tired and not right most of the time but have been pressing on because the docs keep saying nothing to worry about. I did have a 6 mth repeat mri of the adrenal 2 weeks ago and have not heard back yet. I guess it must be the same size. Which is good. I want info without being a worry wart. I just feel in my heart something isnt quite right.

Thanks for listening.... any suggestions would be helpful. This is my fist post to a blog of any kind but am welcoming opions from people who live with this disease.

(MaryO Note: Liz didn't give authorization to include her email address.)

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