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Liz's Story...

I'm from New Zealand

I'm 22, and have presented Cushing's symptoms for a couple of years now, but they have gotten a whole lot worse over the last 8 months or so. symptoms are- weight gain (about 35 kgs) hirsutism, breast milk, the 'hump', round face, stretch marks, high testosterone, no periods, swollen ankles, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember! I have been told by doctors that I should just eat less and exercise more, that I'm getting older and fatter, and that its 'all in my head'. And not being able to fit into my clothes is purely psychological? having to take off my shoes because my feet swell too much is all in my head? this is so much more than just frustrating, and I am so angry that so called professionals just don't want to know! My mother had similar symptoms when she was 19, and it took doctors 20 years to figure out she had hypothyroidism, which I have at least been tested for, and haven't got.

But I am so thankful that I am not alone in this, that there are people who understand what this is like, and how devastating it can be to find that no-one believes you. Sorry if I ramble, I guess I'm a bit "passionate" at the moment.


Still no diagnosis, but my appointment to see the endo has been moved up to the 6th of march, so hopefully that's a sign that they actually have something to tell me! some symptoms have gotten worse, my wrists have been chronically sore, I can't lift anything heavy, (or even hold up a book for too long, I get dizzy almost to the point of passing out, I get tired really easily, have to have naps like a child, and the weight gain seems to be even more insidious than before. I spoke to my shrink about my concerns, and she read out some info about the psychological aspects of Cushing's, now I do admit I have problems, but putting those aside, I could literally tick off each thing she read out. Don't know if I should feel better or worse, guess I'll have to wait and see until Thursday. I've also been really angry lately- easily irritated, and want to be alone but in this house, a moments peace is very much a foreign concept.

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