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Liv's Story

Hi, I'm liv. My mother has cushings. and as far as they can trace it back shes had it sence she was a little kid.

shes been going through the major headaches and adrealin rushes like most chushie patients go through. except the dotcor the "specialist" they sent her to is strictly a RESEARCH doctor. (MaryONote: Doctor information removed to prevent legal issues. Email Liv for more information ) I'd advise all cushings patients that want to become "lab rats" to see him. If you actually want results, and haveing the tumors removed then I'd sugest you DON'T see him. PERIOD. He has had my mom go through more ufc testing then nessicary.

she called Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ today and in about an hour or 2 was immediately accepted and has since then set up a date to go down and run through the system to see what all is going on in her body.

If you have anyquestions feel free to email me.

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