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Lisa W's Story...

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa Williams and I am new here and not even sure I should be here.

I am 29 years old and 15 yrs ago was diagnosed with PCOS and have always had symptoms of PCOS (weight gain, excess hair, enlarged ovaries etc..) and when I got married 3 yrs ago I wanted to have a baby and went through fertility and now have a 20 month old son.

About a month ago I went to a new fertility doctor to start trying for a 2nd pregnancy and she ran a lot of blood test to update all my information and her test showed that my thyroid appeared to be hyperactive even though I have none of the symptoms.

I was then referred to an endo and he did additional blood work and 24 hour urine. He said my thyroid is fine but my cortisol level is high and he ordered a blood test with a drug called dex something that I did this morning. He said Cushing's is a possibility.

I have read some info on the internet and I am scared. If I am diagnosed with Cushing's is the prognosis as grim as what I've read? Is there a cure? Will I be around to raise my son? Please, any input is appreciated!!!

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