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Lisa-A's Story...

I am 35 and when I was 20 I was diagnosed with Graves disease & a thyroid storm after a year of being told I was nuts. They did not us the radio active iodine, they did surgery. They were only able to remove 90%. I have been habitually sick ever since. My thyroid levels bounce all over between sky high to can't move and a year ago I was told that it is growing back, my Graves antibodies are back & I have a strange growth on the gland. No one has ever done anything about it!

In the past three years I have been sicker than ever & also very depressed of & on with major bouts of panic/anxiety attacks. I also have blackouts & was diagnosed with psuedo seizures, which only makes it that much harder to be taken seriously in the medical community.

Needless to say I have been treated as only a psych case even though I have been experiencing all kinds of body health issues.

Finally in July '05 I was diagnosed as having 2-3 3-4 mm pituitary adnomyomas. All of my Dr.s just dismissed that info & told me that all of my symptoms were "psychsymatic" and told me to see a psychiatrist (again) and take my meds.

I was finally told about Dr. Ludlum at OHSU. I called & spoke with him this week & he listented to all of my woes & advised me that he thinks I may have cushings & wants me to come up for a five day workup.

None of my Dr.s have done any testing on anything to get a better perspective of what these tumors are doing to my body. All I know is that I am very sick & at the end of my rope. I have been everywhere, including Stanford & all the Dr.s let me down. I hope & pray I will get real help.

I am here to connect with others going through similiar situations & to get as much advice & information as I can. I am scared & don't know what to do anymore.


Update Novemember 2, 2007

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