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Lisa's Story

Hi my name is Lisa. I'm soon to be 37(March 20).

I'm pretty sure cushing's is my disease at this point in time. I've noticed for some time that, I'm getting a lttle fat around my belly(I look like I'm pregnant with twins full term), I have very large stretch marks,chest pain,headaches,insomnia, very cranky and feel as if I could just come out of my skin, I have the hump on my neck and generalized pain. I failed to mentioned high blood pressure with uncontrolled blood sugars despite being on 4 diabetic medicines.

I do have an adrenal galnd tumor on my right side and was on the table about ready to go to sleep to have it removed when my endo cancels surgery saying she is not quite sure if this is what I have. My acth didn't supress on a high dose dexamethasone supression test.

I just had on march 6th a adrenal venous sampling procedure and I'm waiting for these results. I have since fired my endo and I'm going to a new one very soon. My primary care dr. is sure this is what I have he says I have all the classical symptoms and appearance.

My surgery is rescheduled for the 4th of april but I think I'm going to go insane before this date. My immediate household doesn't want to talk to me because I'm so irritable and they don't want to set me off. I can only work 4 hours daily because of my high blood pressure. I think I'm going to loose it before it is all done and said. I like all of you am tired of feeling sick all the time. I want my life back.

Thanks for having a place to come and vent, I'm looking forward to meeting and making new friends.

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