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Lisa's Story

Hi I have never done this before but I am at my wits end with doctors and specialists.

I used to have a very fullfilling life and very active. I worked 70 hours a week, sleep normally get up by 6:00am to get my kids on the bus and go to school myself part-time. Now I barely can get up in the morning before 11:00am because I can't go to sleep at night or when I do get to sleep I wake up after an hour or two.

I have asthma which I have take Prednisone for in the past but recently I had my tonsils out and developed Bells Palsy (facial paraylsis) in which I had to take huge amounts of Predisone to fix it. Now I have all the signs of Cushings except the stria and excessive hair. My blood pressure used to be 110/70 now it is 138/96, I look as if I am seven months pregnant, I am totally exhausted all the time, I am depressed, have panic attacks, don't enjoy doing anything, plus I don't want to look in a mirror because I have gone from a size 14 to a size 22 and now they are getting tight.

I went to see and endo and he put me on more Predisone he said my adrenals were supressing Cortisol and I have adrenal insufficiency but how do I fix it. I didn't get any answers from him so I went to see someone else -another endo and she said only that "Prednisone is not my friend" and I need to get off of it so she continues to keep me on the same dosage that the other doctor has me on.

How am I going to get better if I can't get off this medicine? I need someone else a doctor that specializes in adrenal problems and Cushings Syndrome. If anyone out there knows of someone that can help me please let me know. I need answers and doctors here are not giving me any.

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