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Lindsey's Story

Hi. I am 21 years old and I go to nursing school at the University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg, SC.

I have always been a basketball player until my sophomore year in college; my body couldn't handle any more surgeries. I gained some weight after quitting basketball but last year I noticed my body starting to change dramatically.

I have had about a 50 lb weight gain, I have those distinguishible stretch marks on my abdomen and legs, my acne has never been so horrible, the shape of my face is completely different, my mood is unstable even when I am on medication, my joints hurt, my head hurts every day, my vision is blurry and I have no peripheral vision in the upper right quadrant. All these symptoms came on over th past 10 months.

I told my regular doctor something was wrong and I suspected Cushing's. He ran just a blood cortisol test in the am. Normal. Then I had to go to a neuro opthamologist for my eyes and he discovered a pituitary abnormality. This was like 2 months ago.

My endocrinologist did the Dexamethasone test and it came back normal. So now I have to do a 24 hour urine collection test and some other blood work. I don't feel like he's the right one for me. I am also being tested for acromegaly because my feet have grown 2 sizes in the last year and my hands are alot larger. This whole situation is stressful and I don't feel anyone really understands me. I cried when I found out I didn't have Cushing's because I would just like to be diagnosed and get on with my life. I'm in my hardest semester of nursing school and I don't have time for this.

Just need some prayers to come my way. I'm glad there is a group like this out there.

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