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Lindsay's Story

Diabetic clinic sent me for a dexamethasone test which came back negative. Should be pleased but so many of the list of symptoms match. Not sure what to say.

I am 51, happily married, an insulin dependent type two diabetic. I have proximal myopathy, sleep disturbances, depression (but not menatlly ill), emotional control problems, high colestrols, top end normal blood pressure, trunk weight, thin legs, round face, get red face, fat necrosis on stomach. low calcium levels.

When I first read the symptoms list, before I went for the dexamethasone test, I felt so sure it explained the health problems I had, but now I just feel crushed. Am I just being a hypochondriac?

Mental health swings are so extreme and so unpredictable and stop me from working. When I'm good I'm pretty much a happy, normal sort, but when I'm bad I'm broken. Just doesn't make sense.

Is it worth giving up or do I keep on pushing? And if I keep on looking for a diagnosis, on what grounds?

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