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Lindsay's Story

Well I guess this is the first step. I was diagnosed with PCO last year but they did the ultrasounds and the fert specialist said that it was mild cause he couldn't see any cists. I came back with high androgen lvls.

I have had difficulty with weight since I was a teen.. I developed the hump in middle school some where between 13-15... all I remember is a peer pointing it out and fankly can't forget the embarrasment... I just turned 29 and I am wanting to start a family. Only one problem I don't get my periods. apx 6 yrs ago I was a big girl at about 175 and suddenly gained alot of weight. My periods have never been regular since the day I got them even when I was skinny (for me) I had many injuryies as a kid and always sprained ankles and broken legs from the massive amounts of sports I played. My health deteriated about 6 yrs ago going from playing competative ball to being depressed on leave and ballooning to 260lbs.. I have lost 30lbs since but I eat healthy and stay pretty active and I see no reason for my weight to be what it is. I have been on metformin for my weight and PCO but it made no difference just more trips to the washroom.

I carry all of my weight and always have in my mid sec. thin arms and legs. I have terrible acne on my chin, back, shoulders, chest and inner thighs. I don't have any periods without progesterone other than slight spotting occationally, I have this hideous hump and a huge double chin. Oh and don't forget daily plucking from my face.

IS this PCO or Cushings?

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