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Linda P's Story

I am the mom of a 19 yo son who has been having elevated ACTH, Cortisol and Prolactin. His dexamethasone suppression was normal and he was told he didn't have Cushing's.

However, he still feels symtpomatic and believes his symptoms and striae are worsening.

I am in need of any information I can get, especially advice on physicians in the Philadelphia area for a second opinion appointment.

Update December 26, 2007

I'm the mom of a 19 yo son. He has had problems for the past three to four years with feelings of "fight or flight", hands shaking, weight gain in he truncal area and neck area, feeling like he is choking, being exhausted and horrendous stretchmarks that we always thought were from occasional steroid use when he was a child (always short courses) for his asthma.

We finally got a doctor to take him seriously (my endocrinologist) and he ran a ton of blood tests. Seems my son has an elevated ACTH 192 (normal is 7-69), elevated insulin level of 22, elevated C-peptide of 4.2 (normal .8 to 3.5), elevated cortisol 26.4 (normal 6.0 to 23) and elevated prolactin 29.1 (normal 2.6 to 13.1).

My doctor ran a dexamethasone suppression test and said my son does not have Cushings. But he has no explanation for the elevated levels and my son still feels like crap.

Based on the recommendation from someone here we have made an appointment with Dr. Serge Jabbour at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. We go to see him on January 7th. We are so hoping for some answers!

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