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Linda B's Story

I'm a 50 year old who feels like 70 these days. I'm exhausted most of the time with constant leg pains. I've been on a medical leave of absence from work since end of April. I've been to about 7 different kind of specialists since January 2002. I first heard about Cushing's in May during my first Endocrinologist visit. I had a high UFC in May and then a normal low dose DEX test.

The Endo decided I probably didn't have Cushing's because of the normal morning Cortisol levels. A 2nd UFC in Sept also showed high. After pushing the endo with my progressive Cushing's like symptoms, she agreed to do a DEX CRH test in Oct. which showed normal. From reading everyone's experience here, I understand Cushing's is very hard to diagnose. I don't know where to go from here. My next appt is not until Jan 27th 2003 with the endo which will probably be fruitless to go to.

A few of my symptoms are: Buffalo Hump, Clavicle Humps, Straie, Peach fuzz on my chin & hair on my abdomen, 70 lbs weight gain in 2 yrs, back pain, fatigue, weakness, foggy thinking, excessive sweating. I do not have high BP or diabetes. However I think I might have beginning stages of Diabetes. My husband wants to take me to John Hopkins or Barnes Jewish Hospital (closer to Tulsa) to have a fresh set of eyes with a collaboration of doctors in different specialties.

My family thinks I'm obsessed with Cushing's now but I can't find anything else that even matches the same number of symptoms. Of course, I hope I don't have Cushing's but wonder if I may be just cyclic... Any ideas on the next best step for me?

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