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Leslie's Story...

March 2003-decided to lose weight 300+lbs

Jan 2004 began bruising heavily, loosing hair, insomonia and stopped periods

May 2005 had lost 160 lbs and dr's attributed all my symptons to that

Jan 2006 thought I had pulled a groin muscle.

March 2006 MRI showed I had broken my pelvis in 2 places and 2 ribs-not from a fall had osteoporosis very bad

April 2006 endo diagnosed me with Cushing's disease

May-June 2006 various test to find tumor done in Ft Worth

July 2006 requested a consult with MD Anderson in Houston

August 2006 MRI at MD Anderson showed a pituitary tumor

Sept 2006 tumor removed Dr. McCutcheon

Sept 2006 after being home a week, went into adrenal crisis, in hospital a week

Dec 2007 returned to work

Mar 2007 back on short-term disability

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