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Lesa's Story

I had all the same problems that most cushies had with doctors!! I had to bring in a list of the symptoms to the doctor and make her test me. Finally -somebody believed me --I was not a crazy fat person looking for an easy answer to my weight gain and Uncontrolable High Blood Pressure and all of the other horrible symptoms!!

After many tests, I was diagnosed with Cushings in June '07. I had surgery to remove a golfball sized tumor on my right adrenal gland in July '07.

Now it's March '08 and finally after a few Adrenal Crisis scares, I seem to be headed in the right direction--some forward movement in my ACTH levels. My Endo seems to think everything is starting to "wake" back up. I've been trying to reduce my prednisone to shock my system into working again. that works pretty well unless you drop too fast --YIKES!! then you end up in the ER (learned that the hard way -Twice) Lots of weird stuff happens when your body starts to readjust the hormone levels !!

It's been quite a ride- but my wonderful husband and family have been very understanding and supportive.

Keeping happy thoughts.

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