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Leigh's Story

im not sure yet on my diagnosis.

i am a 36 yr. old mother of 3 children. 18 yr., 11yr, and 20 months. i've noticed after my 11yr. old i developed depression and what i thought was high blood pressure.

when i was pregnate with the 11 yr. old at 4mo. into the pregnancy i had major surgery to have 2 cysts on my ovaries removed, both the size of grapefruits. my daughter was successfully delivered 5 months later.

after the delivery i have battled depression. well about 6 months ago i started having vision problems driving and after my milk drying up 2 weeks after my 20 month old son was born, my breast started feelin heavy again. i mashed my nipples and to find out a yellowish dishcharge comming out of my breast.

i had my tubes tied, cut, and burned, but still went to take a pregnancy test. it was negitive. i have no insurance so it took 5 months to get an apt. at the community hospital.

i went last week to the doctor and he had plenty of blood test ran and has me schelduled for an inner and outter uterus ultrasound, a mamogram, and a MRI to check my pitutary gland. i am always thirsty, dizzy, have headaches, get tired real quick. not to mention my face has blown up so puffy, and i weight about45more pds. than i did at the delivery of my son. all my blood work shows is my thyroid is out of wack.

i am a stay at home mom now, and just wanted to here from anyone to see if anyone has had these symptoms. thank you all for allowing me on your board.

leigh aka crazyduck

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