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LeeAnne's Story

In early 1999 I started having seizures. My health was slowly deteriorating and so I started a life style change. I began exercising, eating healthy and taking care of myself. Over the years since then, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Adult epilepsy, PCOS and Anorexia (go figure) :).

Finally in Oct of 2003 I went to my PCP and told him something was definitely wrong. He ran pregnancy tests for me and told me he just didn't know what was wrong. I had by this time developed the (buffalo) hump, bruising, and upper body obesity. I pushed myself harder thinking I was becoming depressed from getting older. (I'm 34, ancient!) Ha.

On Feb. 15th my mom called with my diagnosis. She had read Sharmyn's article in Woman's Day. I went in on the 17th with article in hand to my PCP, he said let's give it a try and ordered the 24 hr. urine cortisol. It came back at 199 so he said ok good enough for an endo appt. I went two weeks later to her and she ordered a retest that came back at 302 so she ordered the MRI which showed the pituitary tumor at 3-4mm. I seen the neurosurgeon and scheduled for surgery on March 23rd (2004).

I came home on 30 mg of hydrocortisone and have been weaned off of that and now just trying to do follow-up testing to make sure the disease is gone.

Update Feb. 16, 2005:

In December of 2004, after off and on doses of hydrocortisone, I was taken completely off. It is now Feb of 2005 and I am feeling like my old self. I am still tired at times but for the most part life is being good to me.

I just wanted to update to give hope to those of you that read the bios looking for a future. There is one out there for you. It has been a tough recovery but as I approach my "1st" year anniversary to surgery I am optimistic about the future.

Update October, 2006:

October 8 2006 staying up late to do testing again. Many of the symptoms are back. One Dr. thinks it may be Cyclical. Testing for DHEA this week and doing a suppression test. Hoping to have answers soon so I can once again move on with life.

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