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Leah's Story

Well I am new to the site and must say that I am intrigued by chating with other people that may know how have Cushing's feel. It took forever to get a diagnosis, jumping from doctor to doctor. Oringinally I went to a dermatologist because the acne on my face was much worse then it has ever been. That doctor noticed some facial hair and sent me to the gynocologist. Through all of that time, I had decreased what I was eating and was obsessed with exercising, but it didn't matter because I just kept gaining more and more weight. It was so frustrating and also I was a newly wed. Well the gyno told me to exercise more and cut down what I was eating even more. I left the office upset with the doctor and myself, wondering what else I could do to loose weight. I went home and cried.

After that I said no more all this must be in my mind and I will not go through something likd that again. But my mom really encouraged me to go to the endro doctor. Finally I went. I won't bore you with all of the tests I went through and months and months of hoping for something. I was finally diagnosed and just had surgery on Feb 7, 2007. I went to the nuerosurgery department at the U of MN and they were great. I did develop diabetes insipidus that hasn't seemed to be getting better. But at least now I know it wasn't me or just my imagination. I can finally begin to put myself back together.

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