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Lauren's Story

Hello everyone, my name is Lauren and I believe that I may have Cushings. I am not sure yet, but my general doc referred me to an endo that I am supposed to see next week. I am really nervous about the doc appt, but I will be happy to have an answer to my problems.

I am going to list some of my symptoms and I would appreciate any feedback. I have been steadily gaining weight for the last six months only in my stomach. I actually look like im still pregnant. I also have the hump on my back. My mom firsty noticed about a year ago.

My gyno had a dexa scan done and it did show that I have some bone loss. I have had several broken bones over the years also. I also have excess dark hair on my chin and upper lip. I am extremely tired all the time and I get plenty of sleep. I was diagnosed with bi polar disorder when i was 17, I am now 32.

I think that some of the depression might come from cushings. Any feedback would be wonderful. I am just wondering if it sounds at all like cushings.

Lauren also submitted a second version...

Im not sure where to start so I will just start with some of the symptoms that I have. I have never been one to have weight problems, but I have gained weight steadily over the last few months. I have primarily gained weight around my middle. I actually still look pregnant. I had a child back in 2005. I was able to lose about 20 pounds after I had her, but I gained it all back plus another 25 pounds.

I have been extremely tired over the last few months. It sounds weird, but I have a hard time in the morning driving to work. It is like I am not awake yet and cannot focus on the road to drive. I come home from work almost every day and take a nap. I get plenty of sleep at night. I also have excess hair on my chin and upper lip. This started a few years ago but has progressively gotten worse.

I also have the traditional hump. My mom first noticed it about a year ago. I have gone for 2 dexa scans because I have had several broken bones over the years. They both showed bone loss, but nothing to be too worried about.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 17, I am 32 now. I am starting to wonder if it doesnt have something to do with Cushings. I would appreciate any feedback that anyone can give me.

I go to my endo appt a week from wednesday (February, 2008). I am nervous, but at the same time looking forward to having an answer to my condition whatever it may be. I am pretty sure it is something hormonal.

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