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Laura's Story...

I am beginning to think that my lovely 24 year old daughter has Cushing's. She was very athletic in high school. She began to pick up weight in her Senior year and within a year she had gained more than 80 pounds. She is an avid runner, but tried many diets with no avail. we all chided her about sneaking oreos in the night.

Now she has purple stretch marks on her abdomen and arms. She definately has a much rounder face. I compared two photos and it is really evident. She recently broke her toe and follow up x-rays show that it is not healing. She has had two fainting episodes where she had trouble waking up from the spell. The Emergency room doctors who tested her after each episode said her potassium levels were low. Her hair is dry and she seems to be loosing some of it. She has very brittle nails and has developed terrible acne on her face and back over the past two years. Her menstrual cylcle seems to be ok . She has had several fatty tumors show up on the back of her legs.

She made an appointment with an Endrochrinologist for May the 9th. She lives in Philadelphia..any thoughts from anyone. I do not want anything to be wrong with my daughter, but there is definately something going on with her.

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