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Lacudia's Story

I do not know if I have Cushings. My grandson (age 15 years) has many symptoms. My brother has had Addisons.

I will speak to my immunologist tomorrow as i have many of the symptoms my grandson has. He is curreently in the testing process and has in addition to almost all the symptoms taken large doses of steroids for over six years until 14 months ago when it has been lowered.

After communicationg with my brother I have also been concerned about myself. I have HEP C from a transfusion at 14 years old and cryoglobulenia a disease correlated with HEP C. However, I have had other immune prolems that may indicate the Cushings. I have strange rashes on my arms, problems with sleep, feelings of adrenaline rushes, and some unexplained weight gain.etc.

Otherwise I am 66 years old living with my grandson, husband and adult daugther. I have been a social worker for years, primarily with children. Further, I am an artist.

I mostly need current information and feel nervous about all the health issues my family is having.. I want to be on top of as much as possible. At this point my primary concern is my gradndson. I am just thankful his doctor caught all of his symptoms.

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