Monday, November 17, 2008

Carole, adrenal tumor/hyperaldosteronism, possibly Conn's bio

First off, I don't believe I have Cushings, although I have more testing to be done.

I was diagnosed this past May with an adrenal tumor/hyperaldosteronism. It has not definitively been called Conn's yet because I still have to undergo the an adrenal vein sampling.

I have been searching high and low for a support group for what I am going through. Many sites including yours! discount the full range of symptoms that can be associated with this condition (if it is listed as Conn's).

Hypertension is NOT the only symptom, I can tell you all about the chronic fatigue I have experienced as well as migraines, arrythmia, severe dehydration, loss of sex appetite and frequent urination at night that often precludes getting a good sleep.

I would like to see this condition get more exposure and offer patients more support for the long series of tests that are necessary to make an exact prognosis. It has been hell! The endocrinlogists have been sometimes nubulous, but most often not as informative as you'd think.

Much of my knowledge about my condition has come from the web.

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