Friday, January 18, 2008

Upcoming Voice Chats

These are going much better than my wildest dreams!

Robin is a natural "radio host" and we actually have a backlog of people who want to be interviewed. This is so cool.

I hope that non-Cushies will hear these as well as the current message board members and see themselves or a friend/family member and get the testing that they need.

These stats will be updated at least once a week as new chats are added:

The upcoming schedule:

  • Another Call-in night, January 24

  • Jayne, January 31, 2008. MaryO hosts an interview with Jayne, a Cushing's patient who had pituitary surgery and a bilateral adrenalectomy before finding the true source of her ectopic Cushing's.

    Jayne also had a miracle baby despite her illness, which usually makes women infertile. She was featured in her local paper. Read that article here: Baby boy is miracle to mother with Cushing's disease

  • Alicia (medcats10), February 7, 2008. Tentative interview with Alicia, a Cushing's Message Board member who is still testing.

    This show will be at 7:30PM (note later time!)

  • Karen (Rooon55), February 21, 2008. Karen's disease started when she was a little girl (7) and she finally got a diagnosis in 2005. She had cycling Cushing's, Thyroid disease, GH deficiency, and Auto immune Alopecia. She believes she is cured after two Pituitary surgeries.

  • Robin (staticnrg), date to be determined. Interviewed by MaryO
  • YOU??

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