Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vanessa, pituitary bio

Hi, my name is Vanessa, I live in Phoenx, AZ.

I have recently been diagnosed with a piluitary tumor. This nighmare started about two years ago, I started gaining a lot of weight and feeling very tired. I went to my doctor who tested my thyroid and said I was hypo, the medicine helped with the fatigue but not the weight. I was constantly complaining to my doctor about my weight since I worked out daily.

Three weeks ago I went back to my doctor and she thought I had PCOS, a blood test was run and my cortisol levels came back high, a 24 hour urine test and an MRI revealed a putulitary tumor. I'm very scared and feel like this whole sitution is sureal.

I am currently seeking in endo in the area. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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