Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tori, undiagnosed bio

Hello my name is Tori. I am a mother of three children.

My oldest daughter who is 6 years old has symptoms of cushings syndrome. I would say it all started when she was 4 years old. One day she just started gaining weight. When she was 5 and started kindergarten she weighed 57 lbs.I went to the doc and the referred me to the Endo docs. They tested for everything but did not test her cortisol levels. It is very hard because I know she doesnt eat.

Currently she is in first grade and i went back to the doc again she nows weighs 91 lbs and has gained 35 lbs in 1 year!!! Another thing i noticed is that she is starting to get pubic hair and she is 6!!!

The doc just checked her cortisol levels through a 24 hour urine screen and they said that her levels came back normal!! So aggraviating not knowing what is going on!!! ??????????????? She has a moon face, big stomach, very emotional, hard time in school with reading and math! And continues to gain weight I have 2 other daughters and they are perfectly thin and they eat the same food!!

Please help anyone with advice for me/////? I guess i need to know what to do from here ???Thanks Tori

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