Monday, January 12, 2009

Tina (tinadianne), undiagnosed bio

My name is Tina. I'm 35, happily married, and mother to three teenagers.

I have not YET been diagnosed but am currently undergoing testing. My journey started back in 2001. It has been very difficult but also quite humorus at times. Like many others, up until now, i have been treated with anti-depressants, heart medicine, and pain pills, xanax for the anxiety, and ambien for the sleeplessness. The forgetfullness as a symptom is bad enough. Add a couple of meds to the mix and you might as well be an alzheimers patient.

My constant symptoms consist of the "fat pads" on my shoulders- which basically look like misplaced breast implants, moon face, and the fat mid section. I basically look like a baking potatoe over the much preferred hour glass. The anxiety is a constant as well. The best way to describe it is someone sneaking up behind you and scarring the crap out of you, and it's that immediate response that you have and it never seems to go away. I respond to small things like you would expect a wild barn cat to react. That, and the forgetfullness are the things my family have fun with. The mood swings come and go, along with the blood pressure and heart rate that are up one minute, and normal the next.

I have red hair and a typically light complexion. Since 2001 i've looked like a boiled lobster. I have constant shoulder and hip pain for whatever reason is only right sided. I've started developing skin tags (gross) around my armpits, the tops of my feet, and under my breasts. That's a symptom i could really do without. I can't sleep without medications. I'm easily bored. Most of my thoughts become fleeting or forgotten memories within seconds. The hot water tank is never full and the laundry seldom makes it in the washer. My washer however is spottless from all the "dry" runs.

My only about all this is- Does anyone else seem to become "refractory" to medications after only a short time and doses continually increased?

My next appointment is tomorrow. Will keep you updated. Until then- God Bless You All.

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