Friday, January 9, 2009

Tins (Tina) ectopic bio

I am 46 years old

I started to notice my blood sugars would not come down from 300-400 on 200 or higher units of insulin a day sometimes it would go even higher. My doctor told me I was insulin resistance and just need to watch my diet more.

Then I noticed my middle section started to grow and my face started to swell my insulin resistance got worse I was put on u500 insulin at high doses over 500 units aday. One doctor told me that I was not following his diet as he told me too and that I was storing fat to work it off.

I finaly found a doctor that was concern and sent be to Utmb the experts this has took over two years. This doctor has run every test know and since it is not cut and dry to the point she don't know what to do my 24 hour urine has been high until this last one it was normal but it went up in my blood this time.

CT Scan picked up a very small leison in my lung and the octuride scan picked up one in my adrenal gland but since both didn't pick them up she don't beleave them.

She consulted a friend and she told her to just repeat 24 hour urine every 2 to 3 months and something will grow big enough to show up.

I need help I don't know what to do I am about ready to cry. If anyone know what I can do please let me know.

I was diag with cushings maybe.

Thank you Tina

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