Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tanya (Tinaxx), adrenal bio

This is actually the bio for my mother Kath.

Since my dad died 7 years ago my mothers health has been quite poor. She suffered heart failure a year after she lost her husband and a year later was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and then oesophagal cancer. She is 65 years old and within the past year she has become someone who looks about 90 with every symptom of cushings you can imagine.

Since approximately March this year she also became wheelchair bound. Through all of this we have tried to care for her at home meaning both my sister and i have given up work to care for her and during this time we have called her GP out numerous times, every time we called him he tried to get out of coming out then eventually after being pushed he would come out, see her, tell us she probably had one infection or another then would prescribe antibiotics and never followed up.

At our insistence he eventually sent her for a couple of tests (take into account that her symptoms were not walking, intensely vicious moods and all round general deterioration we felt it odd that the only tests he would send her for were a chest x-ray and an abdominal scan plus a couple of blood tests...after having the tests done no follow ups were arranged, not even to tell us what had been found! It honestly felt like they had decided that as she has had cancer care that her "nhs" allowance has been spent.

Mum, during this time was refusing point blank for us to send her to hospital as she said they would give her a superbug and she would die. At no time during all this did we ever consider Cushing's as none of us had ever heard of it before.

We were eventually told by her GP that he had not sent her for more tests as it would have been hard for us to get her there!!! We were carrying her to the toilet a million times a day so one hospital visit was not that hard. She had times where everything got so much worse then she would seem to start recovering for a little while before falling back again.

Every time i touched her she bled because of how bad her skin was and the way she spoke to us was disgusting- telling us to do jobs for her then immediately calling us stupid idiots because in her eyes we had not done the job fast or good enough! it was hell.

But luckily for us we knew that something must be wrong, mum has always been such a calm, gentle person that this monster she had become had to have some reason. During a follow up visit with her radiologist he looked at her and asked if she was being tested for cushings and that's when we realised what was wrong.

We arranged for her to go to hospital and honestly thought the nightmare would be over...wrong!
She has now been in hospital since the end of July 08 (it's now October 08) and in that time they told us that they would do all the tests but if they didn't find a "frightening" mass that they would send her home until it became "dangerous"- i don't think so!

Then they diagnosed her but refused to treat her until her blood sugar came down (now if i know that the sugar in a cushing's patient can't be normalised. i wonder why a so called expert doesn't know that) Well they got her sugar down, then told us to take her home as they didn't see the point in waiting for the results from all her tests to find out if it was dangerous after all.....her sugar went to less than one and she spent two weeks almost slipping into comas.

Then she got the superbug MRSA!!! Through a cut on her elbow from where the nurses had dropped mum refusing to believe she is too weak to hold her own weight. A couple of days after this and very heavy antibiotics the hospital refused to mention the bug again saying they had got it wrong! huh?

So on we go... Half way through September she was put on Ketanacazole which caused an almost immediate reaction. Each day my mum began to come back but at the same time the low cortisol started to knock her out! Her dr rang my sister (next of kin) and told her that she and i needed to make mum mobile so they could operate and needed to try to get her to wake up!?!? we visit for an hour each, each day....the physio's at the hospital must have had some other things they wanted to do-shopping maybe?

This is when both my sister and i got flu and for a week we couldn't visit. So last week we both started visiting again, and as mum had fallen into such a deep sleep they had stopped her ketonazole (they couldn't rouse her enough for taking tablets) raising her cortisol again! But at least she had started waking again and me and my sis started taking her wheelchair and taking her to the hospital restaurant whilst we were there trying to stimulate her and hopefully help with her mobility (so am i right in thinking that if someone is crippled they can't be operated on? as her dr is refusing to do anything till she can walk! they have done no bone density testing so every time they make her stand up she risks breaking more bones.)

Yesterday my neice visited and during her visit the path lab rang mums ward to tell them to get my mum off the ward as she now has C-DIFF!!!!!! All the antibiotics the dr's keep giving her have seriously damaged her gut and now we are responsible for sending my mother to somewhere she begged us not to because of superbugs and she is on her second! Before my dad died i don't remember my mum ever even having a headache but boy is she paying for that now! She has now been put on a specialist ward where both myself and my daughter can't visit because we have cold symptoms and my sister shouldn't visit because she suffers collitis! There is only 7 of us in our family so mum is now going to suffer visitorless visits on top of everything else!

Mum has a mass on her pituitary and also on her adrenal gland (the dr thinks that is because of overuse) but the plan is to remove both adrenal glands for the best chance of cure.

Every single day is a new nightmare. Since losing a few relatives to cancer i really thought that was my biggest fear but watching what my mum has had to suffer has changed my mind-Cushing's is just about the worst thing i've ever suffered and i'm not even the sufferer!
Please pray for my mum and thanks for reading.

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