Friday, May 1, 2009

Song, undiagnosed bio

Hi everyone, my name is Song and I just turned 37 yrs old, married with wonderful husband and a 2 yr old baby.

Never in a million years would I ever thought I would be here today. I have been treated for little medical problems one at a time in the past 18 yrs in the military. I can only assume from the symptoms that my struggle started maybe 6-8 yrs ago. Every since then, it's been one thing after another very slowly. Lately, in the 2 yrs, I felt like all my symptoms were and still are ganging up me. It's going on almost 1 yr since I've started my venture into finding out what's wrong with me. It's great to have military healthcare but the providers are same as any other providers in the world. Around I went and tests after test I had.

I had to change duty assignment to overseas at some point and start all over again. I could not take my family since it was an unaccompanied tour. I went to the new duty station being 52 lbs overweight . (Yes, I did physical training at my last duty station) Imagine how embarrassed I was and thought I should have done more physical training or ate less. Let's just say, as an NCO in the Army, I was unsatifactory and took the consequences. Since this duty sation, I've been put on drugs for my mentbal problems which are same as Cushing's symptoms. Oh, did I mention, I am in a Supervisor position over a patient care section in a hospital which is very stressful. I have been working out 2x a day except Thursdays which is once a day, dieting(unhealthy), and other extreme measures to lose 25 lbs in 6 months. There was no more weigh loss since then except weight gain.

By pure luck, I met a fellow NCO's wife at a birthday party over a month ago who right off the bat saw my "buffalo hump" and asked if I knew about the Cushing's Syndrome.We talked about it most of the evening and hence started my mission to see if I had it. I researched online and read what I could about it. I realized all my symptoms matched Cushing's Syndrome symptoms. I made my appointment and saw my provider. I asked for the urine test for Cushing's Syndrome and why. It took a little convincing but he did it. When I went back for the result, he told me that I definitely had increased cortisol in my urine. He said he have to recommend me to a specialist in order to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately, I will not be seen any time soon due to appointment availability.

Meanwhile, my mind is going crazy. I want confirmation before I tell my husband and family members. Maybe there still is hope it's just something simple? What I do know is, being in my position at the hospital, I do not want anyone including my superiors in the military to know about this but at the same time I question if I am capable to continue my position. I have noone to talk to about this which is why I am here on this blog. You all understand more then I can from your experiences.

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