Monday, May 4, 2009

Shiloh (Shiloh), undiagnosed bio

Hi Fellow Cushies! I am so happy to see some sort of support group for people with Cushings Syndrome.

Well, I am a 23 year old female orig from Cali but going to school here in Fort Collins. I am a Massage Therapist and to be Physical Therapist. Coming to Colorado has changed my life in many ways but it was here that I was "diagnosed" with Cushings. Since I could no longer afford insurance, I was not formally diagnosed but my Dr pretty much was on that path.

Finding out I have Cushings is actually such a relief and just knowing Imnot going crazy helps alot:) I was a competitive swimmer for15 years whichI think sort of fueled or fed off of my Cushings. Im not sure if I was such a good swimmer because of the constant release of adrenaline or if I made the Cushings worse by being so intense all the time. None the less I am here to try and learnmore about my disease and talk wih others about it.

Currently I am in school and working full time so stress is very plentiful. I do not take pharaceuticals at all and am trying to manage this through healthy eating,massage and acupuncture andso far I am seeing good results. I am open to any other alternative modality as this does not seem to be enough. I find myself stressing over the smallest of things but in my mind they are major.

If anyone wants to talk about this please email me, as I am looking for people with similar feelings as me. Happy Health!

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