Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sarah (saskgurl26), pituitary bio

my names sarah i am 26 i live in biggar saskatchewan in canada..2 years ago i was diagnosed with pcos, there were treating it and i was getting worse..

I started getting headaches and blurred vision almost everyday..So my gyno ordered a cat scan, when the results came in from that they said that they see a tumor but u need to get a mri done so they can have a better look, in the meantime i had blood test fro thyroid , prolactin ect..

Results from the mri showed i had a macroademia.. MY bllod test came back i had slightly high levels of prolactin, so they said u had a prolactinoma and put me on a surgery list to remove it, i got a phone call from my endo saying i didnt need surgery u just need to take dostinex and the tumor should shrink..

Well i was getting sicker i had to take sick leave because of work still no menstrul cycle headaches everyday, nausea, gaining weight like mad but hardly eating,seemed that the dostinex was making me feel worse i was getting upset because
the docs were looking at me like i was making things up, but really i wasent..

About three month later i was feeling terrible i ended up noticing a hump growing on my back and facial and back hair i never had today.. i also had tons of red strech marks on my stomach and my armpits and breasts,one day my mom calls me and says you need to go onto google type in cushing disease and read the syptoms, so i did, and i had every single symptom except for high blood pressure..

So i made a apt for my endo and asked her if it could be cushings , she said yes that sounds about right, i took a 24 hour urine and a dexomethane blood test and results came out that i had very high cortisol..Next i did the 3 day dex test, and yup sure enough it is cushings disease..

My endo booked me a apt with the nuero surg, who put me on a urgent list, twelve days later i had surgery..well my surgery was on nov 12th 2008..

I am still sick, still have bleeding in my nose and my nuero cant see me until feb 24th cause he is on vaca, i mean really tho i still havent even had a post op apt with him..

As for the cushings i am off of the steroids and feeling like crsap, some days i cant even get outta bed... I just had a triple bolus test done and i have high tsh and prolactin level, my apt is tues to discuss the prognosis yay what next, still have lost any weight well 5 pounds, still have a moon face, i will prob have the facial hair forever, but the sore muscles and headaches and nausea has got to go i am tired of being tired, but i am a insomniac so i cant even sleeo in the day..thanks for listening ..Sarah..

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