Monday, January 5, 2009

Randy (burrman), undiagnosed bio

I have been complaining to my PCP for years about my increasing issues. He always says he'll look into it but by the time I see him again, he has no idea what we discussed previously and continues to write me scripts for the obvious.

I suffer classic symptoms of Cushings but have scripts for Lisinopril, Simvastatin, Zoloft, Protonix and Metformin.

I'm a 49 yo male, take more meds than my Grandmother and still feel like crap! I came upon this website this weekend after I saw a blurb on FoxNews about Cushings.

I contacted my PCP (with checklist in hand) today and demanded a referral to an 'Endo'. I haven't heard back but if I don't get it soon, I will pay for the initial consult and seek a new PCP after the diagnosis (positive or negative).

I'm going to get an answer or I'm going to transform into the PATIENT FROM HELL!

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