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Monica (Lollypop), undiagnosed bio

HI, I am a 51 year old women who is now seeking an endrocrynologist to confirm or deny that I have Cushing's.

Since the age of 28 I have had a bufflao hump and have always had bruising and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. With the help of intense excercise and starvations diets I was able to keep my weight between 130 and 150 pounds. I am 5 ' 7" tall.

I have also suffered from extreme cyclical depression and fatigue. After my second child at the age of 35, my weight continued to balloon until my present weight of 238 pounds with the majority of the excess weight in my upper body. Now, during this time I continued to diet and excersize but my weight just continued to climb. I and family members always found it interesting that I gained weight like this.

In addition , not one of my doctors(family doctor, obgyn,, dermatoligist) ever mentioned these obvious symptoms, including my own brother who is an Internist. I even asked him once what the "Buffalo Hump" was and he just said "Fat". I felt embarrased and did not pursue it further thinking that I just had a "weird body". 5 years ago I experienced a horrific panic attack and was admitted to the ER. I thought I was having a heart attack. A millions tests were run and everything came back negative. After my second panic attack and trip to the ER, I was giving anti anxiety pills, which I continue to take to this day. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with hypertension and this past month diabetes. I am on medications for these illnesses as well.

I fortunately changed doctors a month ago, and this wonderful Physican advised me to go to an Endo because she believes I might have Cushing's.

After reading all your stories and obsessively reading any and all material I am able to get my hands on, I am confused as to weather I really have Cushing's . I do not have excess facial hair, I do not have purple strech marks and other than my cyclical low energy levels and facial flushing, I feel ok.

Can anyone relate to my story? I would apprecial any and all feed back. Also, a referral for an Endo in Southern California would be greatly appreciated. Also, If it is concluded that I do have Cushings, will the physical symptoms go away after I am cured? I feel so fortunate and greatful to have found this site. Thank You!


Hi, first of all I want to thank MaryO for creating this wonderful and much needed website. I have been reading it for days.............. and have an appointment next week with
Dr. Ted Friedman to find out if I do have Cushings. All of your personal stories, information and referrals have been a Godsend.

This is my story and if any of you can give me insight or advise I would be most appreciative.

1975- present- Cyclical fatigue and easily bruised.

1994- I developed a "Buffalo Hump". I weighed 140 pounds( I am 5' 7") but have struggled all my life with weight and was only able to maintain a low weight starving myself and intense arobice exercise.

2000- Weight up to 200 pounds without changing eating habits and continuing to excersize. The onset of weight was not sudden but continual.

2000- CBC showed I had high cholesterol

2003- First panic attack. Doctor put me on 20mg of Lexapro. I continue this dosage to date. I also start perspiring heavily in the face and am always hote. This continues to date.

2003- High Blood pressure diagnosed. I was put on 20mg of Lotensin. I continue this dosage
2003- to August of 2008- gained 53 additional pounds. Again, no change in diet and continuing to excersie. Most of the excess weight is in my stomach, back, face and arms. I am shaped like a lollypop.

September 2008- Lost 10 pounds without trying.
Septmeber 2008- Attack of Diverticulitis. Went to new Doctor who diagnosed me, ran blood tests after which I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Was put on 500 MG twice a day of Metformin. Lost an addition 17 pounds due to barely eating because of the diverticulistis.
So now I weight 227 pounds, am taking daily: 20 mg of Lotensin, 20 mg of Lexapro, 1000 mg of Metformin. I have a Buffalo hump, am shaped like a lollypop, bruise easily, cloudy memory, facial perspiration, cyclical fatigue, am always warm, even on the coolest of days.

Well there you have it, Can anyone relate to my symptoms? I was fortunate enought to accidentally go to a new doctor for my diverticulites and after looking at my history and buffalo hump, suggest that I might have Cushing's and to go to and Endo. I will always be grateful to her. Why did'nt one of the dozen doctors that I have seen all these past years not even mention the truly obvious, My buffalo hump? Amazing..........

Thank you in advance to any insight!

God Bless,


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