Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lisa Lee, adrenal bio

Lisa-Lee Dark is related to two of the most famous women from the last 200 years. Adelina Patti (1843-1919) who was the most famous and wealthy opera singer of the nineteenth century. She was a mega-star before the term was ever invented by media tycoons a century or so later. Even today, it is still no exaggeration to regard her, still, as a phenomenon. Adelina was probably the first female singer to ever record her singing voice onto a record, back in 1904. Bette Davis (1908-1989) wasn’t only related to Lisa-Lee, she was also her God-mother. Bette was known as ‘The Fourth Warner Brother’, & was one of the most successful & greatest actresses of the twentieth century.

lsa-Lee has had an extremely difficult life. Growing up there were problems at home due to drink, violence & money troubles. Lisa-Lee would walk the streets to get away from the troubles, but this only brought more problems, because she was badly abused by a paedophile ring / group, although she says that the majority of the abuse was physical. Lisa-Lee also got very badly bullied in school, she would get kicked, punched, spat at (in the face), have bricks thrown at her, get hit with sticks & have obscene things screamed at her on a daily basis.

These weren’t Lisa-Lee’s only problems, as she was brought up a boy because of a rare medical condition called ‘congenital adrenal hyperplasia’ (CAH). This happens because the foetus is over exposed to the male hormone, testosterone, & in some severe cases, like Lisa-Lee’s, the over exposure to the male hormone leads to fusion of the female genitalia.

The female organ is then enlarged, so it looks like a male organ & it is then easy to mistake new born girls for boys. As a youngster Lisa-Lee was told that if she took more of the male hormone, testosterone, she would be able to stay male ( as she believed herself to be), but that was untrue & all it did was make her wider, have more than half her hair fall out, & make her gain an extra 6 stone (84 pounds) in weight, but Lisa-Lee is now trying to lose the weight & accept herself.

Lisa-Lee’s only refuge was her music, acting & writing. Her career began very young, she first got spotted singing in her local park aged only 6, but due to shyness it would take her 3 years to build up enough courage to go into the recording studio. Lisa-Lee began singing classical songs & by accident got into singing dance music. Lisa-Lee has sung on dance records that have gone on to sell over 10 million copies world wide, & has sung lead vocals for the new age, Christian, classical cross over group New Era, who have sold over 6 million albums, making Lisa-Lee one of the most successful Christian singers in the world. Lisa-Lee is also regarded as one of the most successful session singers of the 1990’s. Lisa-Lee has also had some acting success, but only as a voice over artist.

All this work never brought Lisa-Lee any great wealth, but she earned enough to put herself through college & study her main love, music. Lisa-Lee has a 7 octave range, she used to have a 9 octave range, but since beginning her opera career in 2007 she has lost 2 octaves from her range. Lisa-Lee was a self taught singer until quite recently. Lisa-Lee began releasing records as a solo artist in 1999 & has had moderate success, but it’s all been to get her ready for her opera career. To date Lisa-Lee has starred in 5 opera performances. Three Puccini operas, 'Turandot', 'Sr. Angelica' and 'Madama Butterfly'; Lisa Lee has also starred in 2 Verdi operas 'Rigoletto' and 'Nabucco'.

The opera critics have been saying that Lisa Lee has one of the most beautiful voices in the world. The opera company that Lisa-Lee is signed to were so impressed with her vocal talent, they signed her straight away to their opera house and record label. Lisa Lee signed a £2.5 million deal with them.

Lisa-Lee has been busy promoting her debut opera recital album, titled, 'Sola, perduta, abbandonata', which means 'alone, lost, abandoned'. This album got released early in 2008 and to date it has charted on the opera / classical charts in the EU,also released a special limited edition album, titled, 'The screen behind the mirror'. This album contains Lisa Lee's debut opera recordings and her audition for the opera company. This album has also been successful in Europe having charted in 8 countries. Lisa Lee will release a new album titled 'Almost nothing', in April 13, 2009. This will also be released in the states and the rest of the world through out 2009.

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