Friday, November 7, 2008

Liberty (libertybell), undiagnosed bio

My name is Liberty, so where to start? I am 21years old and I live in Melbourne Australia and am recently married. I am currently being tested for Cushing's and go to see my doctor on the 11th of November to get my results of 24hr Urine test.

So where did it all start, well I have always been chronically tried I remember being in my final years of school and having to bribe myself to get out of bed I told myself the sooner I get out of bed the sooner I get to go back to bed. Then the eye trouble started, I had been having these fuzzy episodes in the corner of my eyes. Then one day last year I had and episode and when it stopped I was left practically blind. Not very good for a 20yr old. So after like a millions tests and no results my eye doctor chalked it up to shit happens. Then the weight stared to go up, no matter what I did I just kept putting on weight, 40 kilos in the last year and a half. Then my husband noticed a hump on the back of my neck. And then the dark stretch marks started to appear. My face has become puffy my ankles have swollen and chronic back ache.

So I went and saw my GP, he tested my thyroid and a number of other things, he knew it was hormonal just didn’t know what was causing it. So he sent me to a hormone specialist and he suggested Cushing's. I was almost excited about the possibility of having a name to put to all my problems. After so many tests, finally a name to put to all these symptoms.

So will be getting my test back in less than a week. Will keep posted!

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