Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Laura (lauralu), undiagnosed bio

I am 30 y/o female who is having a frustrating time.

Ithink I have Cushing's but can't seem to convince someone to test me for it. I just keep going back to my doctor (and various other ones). I have been tested (repeatedly) for so many different things. I have high blood pressure, weight gain, upset stomach, depression, and (in the last year) 1"-4" stretch marks on one side of my belly button, red face, my chin is rapidly disappearing into my neck,.

Since July, I am having muscle weakness, especially in my legs, and my once regular period has gone from 4 wks, to 6 to 7. My doctors are chalking my issues up to the blood pressure meds I was taking and "stress".

I am SO frustrated! I have asked for a cortisol test and been told that I don't need it, because Cushing's is rare. I finally convinced a clinic doc at the university to do it and the lab ended up doing the wrong one (can't find the doc again).

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