Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joe (Joe), adrenal bio

I'm a 62 year old male diagnosis with Cushing Syndrome in Jan. 2005.

My doctor keep telling me I needed to lose weight because that was the reason I was so tired all the time, I tried but nothing worked,I just kept getting bigger but in a different way,moon face buffalo hump large purple stretch marks.

My wife kept going on the computer and put in somethings in the search and she came up with pictures of people that look like me and had Cushing Syndrome,made me called my doctor to have me tested for Cushings and sure enough I had it.

Went for CT scan and that is when they found the tumour. Before I was scheuled to have it removed I ended up in the hospital with blood clots in my leg and lung had to take care of that first then have surgury.

My surgury was on June 5,2005,and I'm still doctoring for it. I have been taking the cotisone pills up until 4week ago,the doctor would start weening me off of them and then I would crash and would have to start all over again.

On Friday Feb.19th,I had to go to the hospital for 3 blood test to see if my adrenal finally kicked in,I sure hope it has. The cortisone has done my body some damage. I have osteoporosis very bad.

Needless to said in 2005 I had to leave work on disibility retirement, and have,nt felt good since. I'll let you know my test results.

My Best To All,Joe

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