Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jana (JanaL), pituitary bio

I am a 28 year old Canadian female diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in early May of this year (2008).

I had been through a year of MANY tests, and different specialists. Finally, an Endocrinologist diagnosed me with Cushing's and I was in for surgery on May 22- to remove the 6 mm tumor on my pituitary. Surgery was "easy" compared to recovery. I pretty much slept the summer away, and even had an ambulance ride back to emergency after they released me from the hospital with NO replacement steroids three days after surgery. I felt dizzy, sick to my stomach, light headed and tired for a long time.

However, almost five months later, my life has completely changed. My blood pressure has gone down, and I am off my meds, I got my period again (after not having it for over a year), my face has slimmed and my acne has cleared up. I no longer sweat from my arm pits and forehead. I have lost 20 lbs. and still counting - without even trying as hard as I had to before - to never see any results. I now have enough energy to chase after 5 year old children all day, as I am a full time Kindergarten teacher.

I owe this change in lifestyle to my surgeon Dr. Michael West, who did an excellent job on my surgery at the HSC in Winnipeg, MB. I am on cortisol steroids right now, and have my blood checked every month, to see if I am making it on my own yet. So far, I'm not. I did have a follow-up MRI that showed the tumor was completely removed, and there was no swelling or bleeding.

I feel so good. And hope that anyone that has this can recover as well as I have. It was hard finding the cause, but worth the fight.

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