Thursday, October 16, 2008

James (JamesC), undiagnosed bio

My name is James and I am almost 35 years old.

It has been recently suggested to me that I may have Cushing's Disease/Syndrome. I went to Google and checked this out on Wikipedia. What I read there was so frightening that within 48 hours I had called my Endocrinologist and made an appointment. That appointment is scheduled for tomorrow, Oct. 16, 2008.

I have alot of the symptoms of this disease. My obesity is centralized to the trunk of my body. I have the skin discolorations and stretch marks associated with this. I have always had a problem with weak or fatigued muscles. I have alot of pain in my back and neck and shoulders. I have high blood pressure. I have migraine headaches. My legs and ankles swell but I know that is more related to the obesity. I sweat quite alot especially when I get over exerted. I have had an MRI on my pituitary but was told that it looked good and not abnormal. I have performed the 24 hour urinary cortisol test twice but can't remember if the results were high or low. I have extremely low testosterone and vitamin D levels. I could not figure the vitamin D levels out for the life of me. I do not seem to have any bone issues yet. I am about 5 ft 10 inches tall and my weight is above 450. This makes it very difficult to weigh myself or keep an accurate diary of weights. I have always felt that I was just fat and that it was my fault for overeating and not exercising along with not eating healthfully.

I am glad that RS told my former girlfriend to mention this disease to me. At first I was not going to look into it but I did. I am grateful to Mary O. for putting this site together and for all of the positive feedback that I have gotten already. I am anxious but nervous. It will be good to know that there may actually be a reason I am the way that I am. (not just the fact that I am lazy, because I know that I am)

If this is my journey to take, I know that you all will be right there with me. It is a relief to know that I may actually have a route that can change my life for the better because if something doesn't change, I don't see much of a life there.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share in my experience. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

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