Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gina (ginapooh1969), pituitary bio

Hi. I am new to this.

Not sure yet if I have Cushing's but I've had most of the symptoms for a couple of years. The only thing keeping me from seeing an endocrinologist was a tumor which was finally found in my pituitary very recently.

I just had bloodwork and she is testing for like 9 diffferent things & I'm doing the 24 hour test today. I'm hoping to find out soon what is going on. I am on this site to see other people's stories to see if they mirror mine.

All I know is that I've been miserable for over 2 years now & now I'm starting to look like Santa! My face is always swollen & red, I'm gaining weight, losing hair where I shouldn't be & gaining it where I least want it! I'm also exhausted all the time & have a hard time climbing even a small set of stair.

Anyway, that is my story so far......

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