Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gail (dolly), pituitary bio

My bio, my name is Gail Jacka, and my nickname is Dolly.

I was originally diagnosed with Cushings in 1988. At that time I had a pituitary tumor removed. I was okay for about 10 years, and it occured again. My tumor was removed, as well, as my pituitary glands.

In 2003, it reoccured, and I had adrenal glands removed. I am now experiencing all symptoms again, last lab work performed, on 2/17/09. Results showed ACTH level at 482. Endo MD is puzzed as I have no glands, and have undergone radiation.

I am scheduled next week, to have MRI and imaging done. He thinks maybe I now have Nelsons Syndrome. My question is, if I do have Nelsons syndrome, and there are tumors on the lung, are they cancerous, or benign as in other tumor history?

If so, what is the treatment for this? It has been a long battle because of the Cushings, over 21 years, and it has effected my life dramatically.

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