Friday, October 31, 2008

Donna (donnacarroll), adrenal and pituitary bio


I'v been on the long and bumpy road to diagnosis! Seems not so rare after all.

I just got my cushing's diagnosis on October 28. It took one year to convence them I had it, now I find out I'm one of the lucky ones.

I lost everything in my life before a great doctor that works for Hill County Heath insurance (Dr. Hardiman) looked and listened to me for 45 mins and said you have Cushing's.

That started everything rolling. Blood tests CT"S and a MRI. Then there was the fight with the Eno to make him test, at one point I layed myself down on the floor at the clinic and said I will not get up till you do something like now. Again I see I'm one of the lucy ones to have only had to go though one! As it played out I have an tumor on my Adrenal glad, but hay that one turn out not to be the problem.

After the MRI they found the oh so tiny little tumor on the pituitary gland. Small yes but a ACTH of 86, Cortisol pulsing though me like a frieght train. I have most all the symptoms of the cortisol overload. At this point I am so happy to find out I didn't go crazy and lose everything on my own! All along maybe 10 years I have been hormonaly insane. I thought I was a nut. Maybe I am a bit but I belive it was the Cushing's. I will see the Brain doc on Monday at 4:00. (three days to go) I'm am hoping for surgery and a cure.

But I know from this website it may be an even longer road from here. Thanks for giving me so much information!!!!!!

I am on County insurance so I have no say on what doctor I get, I guess I am luck to be getting medical treatment at all. So I will try and keep my tumor quiet and be good so I can get the best treatment possible!

Thanks for the ear,

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