Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dina (Dina) Pituitary bio

Im 25 and was just diagnosed with Cushings..I like you had gone to the doctor over and over to have my thyroid tested among other things. I also have the symptoms of having facial flushing whicj I never knew was a symptom of anything.

I had gone to the dermotologist who just told me it was from the sun and tanning...It wasnt untiol a freind told me to go to a Endo also...after I filled out the symptom list the nurse took one look at me and said I think you may have Cushings SYndrome.. SHe was the first person ever to think I actually had a problem.

I have these horrible strech marks on my stomach that seemed to just come over night..That was her biggest clue. I also Have High blood pressure that developed around the same time. After an MRI, they found a tumor on my Putitaty gland and it over procuded cortisol production. After about a hundred blood test and a 24 hour urine collection..they confirmed the Cushings.

In summer I will have the tumor removed and hopefully my energy and weigth will go backt o normal.

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