Monday, March 16, 2009

Christina (happygirl), pituitary bio

Health History

October 1960 Born 1-month prematurely, little pre-natal care (I'm adopted)

Early Childhood - German measles, mumps, whooping cough, croup, ringworm of scalp

7th – 8th year Pneumonia several times, developed asthma, hay fever

10 years - Onset of menses

14 years - Chicken Pox

17 years - Pneumonia, onset of depression (not diagnosed)

19 years - Started getting migraine headaches

21 years - First child born, son, toxemia

23 years - Birth of daughter, mastitis, endometritis

26 years - Miscarriage; notice bruise easily

27 years - Pregnancy, gall bladder disease, removed during 7th month of pregnancy due to pancreatitis; second daughter born in October

28 years - Severe asthma attack, hospitalized

29 years - Birth of third daughter; onset of anxiety and panic attacks. Skin tags appear, severe fatigue and body aches begin

33 years - Hysterectomy due to excessive periods, enlarged uterus

38 years - Severe depressive episode due to divorce

43 years - Bunionectomy; broken toe; wounds heal slowly

44 years - Increase in fatigue, memory / concentration loss, muscle weakness, night sweats

46 years - Right lateral epicondylitis release, major weight gain, severe water retention

46 -48 years- Onset of hypothyroidism, Hasihmotos disease, sleep apnea
Type II diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, gastric reflux, insomnia, Cushing's disease

March 2009 - age 48 - Diagnosis of Cushings disease, pitutitary source by Dr. F. I have plenty of high salivary cortisols, need one high in urine or blood and then Dr. F. will clear me for surgery

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