Monday, April 6, 2009

Betty (bettyd), pituitary bio

My daughter has been in the diagnostic process of Cushings for several months. It was also suggested that she might have "cyclic" Cushings.

She was initially lactating and her OB/GYN sent her for an MRI of the brain where they confirmed a 4 mm tumor on the pituitary gland. She has had numerous blood tests and hos done 3 - 24 hour urines. She finally switched to a second endocrinologist as the first seemed to be dragging his feet and he wasn't communicating very well. Whichever of the two tests have the normal range of 0 - 50, hers was 1,200+.

At this time, I believe the blood tests are coming back better than initially so that is why the repeat urines as this new doctor stated that on the blood tests, it appears she has almost no hormones although she is having regular menses.

After 3 additional urines, this physician is going to refer her to a surgeon at Barnes Hospital for removal of the tumor. My daughter was not considering removal of the tumor before as she was hoping to have one more child. The new doctor said she needs to eliminate the problem, which is the tumor, and that according to the hormone level, she will probably not even be able to conceive.

She is also going to be getting a Dexa Scan due to the great deal of pain that she experiences. The 1st endocrinologist also mentioned a probably adrenal or lung tumor and when later questioned replied with he doesn't want to talk about this right now but to just be patient and give him time. (I attended with her at this particular visit.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Any infomation about Cushings, it's long term effect, removal, etc.

Thanks and God Bless to all of you!


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