Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anne (kittiefoster), undiagnosed bio

My name is Annie Ellis.....I have had multiple symptoms of Cushings for years and have just now found this site..a list of my symptoms...

Early menopause..age 37 fsh level 66
osteoporosis... age 40
unilateral galactorhea 10 years ...normal prolactim...normal mammo and normal galactogram
severe fatigue muscles very weak in thighs
mood swings
red face
very fat neck and shoulders thin arms
purple stretch marks hips abdomen breast.. attributed to three pregnancies, but had them prior to pregnancies as a teen
multiple kidney stones
SEVERE bilateral achilles tendinitits now casted in left ankle ...right ankle will be casted in six weeks
weight only 136 (5' 2'') but weight gain primarily in abdomen and face and neck 3 chins!
Will see endocrinologist on may 15, referred by rheumatologist who just ruled out rhuematic diseases

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