Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amber (AmberC), pituitary bio

I started to have symptoms that were bad enough for me to see a doctor in Janurary 2008.

The diagnosis of Cushing's due to a pituitary adenoma was made after MRI in June of 2007.

My first surgery was in September of 2007. At that time, the suspect area of the pituitary gland was removed leaving me with 80% of the gland. My cortisol levels never dropped and I was scheduled for a second operation in October.

That surgery was aborted after finding a staph infection in my sinus. After a long course of antibiotics, another operation was scheduled for November. On that day, the surgey was aborted again and I was kept in the hospital overnight on IV antibiotics then went back to surgery the next morning. My pituitary was disected and an adenoma was found in the OR leaving me with the stalk, about 15%. My cortisol levels dropped some, to that of a "normal" person, but did not go low enough to be considered "crashed."

After much discussion with my primary neurosurgeon, (he's wonderful), I decided to go home and see what happened. My husband and I would like to have a child and shortly after surgery my period came back, so we took it as a sign to go home and see what happens.

Unfortunately, my remission was short lived. My cortisol levels are back up and the rest of my hormones have fallen off to0 the point of needing replacement.

I am now seeking the advice of a specialist to help us get pregnant and have a baby before going back for my fifth surgery!

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