Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aly, adrenal bio

I am newly diagnosed as having Cushings synndrome. They found a 3 cm tumor on my adrenal gland. I am 28 years old Type 1 diabetic of 18 years (extrememly controlled) and a brand new mom!!

I had a beautiful baby girl in January which I feel forever blessed. Other than being diabetic I have never been sick and have always been the picture of health.

I think this may have started about 2 years ago when I noticed I was getting acne for the first time and my hair was starting to curl and change texture. Did not think much of it but in hind site I feel this was the beginning of my journey.

As of right now I have the lovely moon face, swollen back and collar bone, horrible stretch marks on my belly, and back and knee pain. Not to mention the light peach fuzz that has grown on my face and upper arms:) Lovely:) I have not gained weight for some reason but my belly does look swollen.

The depression is really effecting me because I really want to focus on my baby right now not all of this.

I meet with my surgeon on Friday to schedule the adrenal removal and wonder if once this is done I will go back to normal? I know adrenal tumors are rare and would love to hear success stories. How long do the physical and mental symptoms take to go away? Also do most people end up on hormone replacement the rest of their lives or does your other adrenal gland kick in?

Unfortunately my endo is busy and I will not even be speaking with her until after my consultation with the the surgeon any answers you have would be greatly appreciated!!!

I would love to hear success stories but it seems all of the stories I have read have been really negative. Has anyone felt truly cured after an adrenal surgery?

(MaryO note: Although Aly asks several questions, she didn't give permission for a link to her email address to be added to her bio)

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