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Kristina L's Story...

To make a long story short, last year I had a pituitary tumor which caused Cushing's.

A miracle happened and the tumor went away on it's own. It had a stroke and bleed itself away.

Well it all started in May 2002. I had headaches so bad they would hurt. I went to my doctor and he sent me for a MRI. I found out about a week or two later that I had a pituitary tumor. In which later I was diagnosed with Cushing's. I had bad headaches, high blood pressure, weight gain, round moon face, buffalo hump. It seemed like I had it all. I was at my highest weight ever in my life. I got all the way up to 272. I ended up depressed and had to go on Prozac.

I did numerous 24 hour urine tests and everyone came back messed up more than the one before. I seen a Endo here in town and I did not like the things he was telling me so he sent me to the University of Michigan hospital. I went there for an evaluation. Then in November I set up a surgery date to have the tumor removed in January 2003. Two weeks into November I started getting real sick. I had very bad muscle weakness and could hardly walk. I was constantly getting sick all the time. I couldn't eat any food or even take my medicine. I ended up going to the ER twice, med center and my doctor all in two weeks time. My head hurt so bad I did not want to move at all. I just wanted something for the pain.

The weird thing about it was that I was taking medication for high blood pressure, but wasn't taking it at the time because I couldn't keep it down. The weird part was even though I wasn't taking my meds my blood pressure was back to normal. All these symptoms went on for about a week. After that I was fine. Even my blood pressure. I still had alot of muscle weakness though. So my doctor checked my thyroid. Well come to find out my thyroid was underactive. A year earlier it was checked and was fine. So that would explain some muscle weakness and some weight gain, along with my Cushing's. So along with all the other meds I had to take I also had to take a thyroid pill.

Well January came and I went to the U of M to have the tumor removed. I had to have another MRI to see if the tumor grew some more. I guess a miracle happened. The MRI showed that the tumor went away on it's own. The doctor said it basically had a stroke and bled itself away. That would explain why I got so sick in November and my blood pressure went back to normal. My body fought off the infection that was in my body. The doctors couldn't believe it. They were shocked. I guess someone was looking out for me. So now my symptoms are going away and my weight is finally coming down. Now I am at 223 instead of 272. That is just since Christmas. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I still have a thyroid problem, but my doctor said it looks like it is going to correct itself. I had my thyroid medicine lowered and I will have it re-checked in 3 months. I also have to have a MRI done once a year for the next few years to make sure the tumor does not come back. Well that's my story. In my opinion a miracle happened to me.

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